Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Sometimes, History does repeat

Though I think the saying "history repeats" oversimplifies the comparison between current events and past events, sometimes current events are similar to historical. According to this story
The president declared victory over a year ago, but terrorists continue to pick off U.S. troops and even American civilians at the rate of three per day.

The maniacal dictator may be long gone, but his hard-core followers continue to wreak havoc across the land, with the interim government seemingly powerless to stop the mayhem.

Back home, the press takes an increasingly pessimistic tone, with some of the most prominent news organs pronouncing the U.S.'s postwar strategy an abject failure.

Iraq 2004? Not exactly.

Try Germany 1946, in the first year after World War II.
The source is Oliver North, but read the rest of the article for the details. Too often, the critics of the war have acted as if Iraq has somehow stood apart from history, that somehow things should have gone easily. This is all the more ironic as many of the same who profess amazement and dismay at the problems in Iraq are often those who predicted dire consequences for undertaking the task in the first place. Finally, when they do call on history, it is inevitably to compare current events to past American failures (Vietnam) and not its successes (Japan, Germany, etc.).

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