Friday, February 28, 2003

Ran across this quote on

"What if [Saddam] fails to comply and we fail to act, or we take some ambiguous third route, which gives him yet more opportunities to develop this program of weapons of mass destruction? ... Well, he will conclude that the international community has lost its will. He will then conclude that he can go right on and do more to rebuild an arsenal of devastating destruction. And some day, some way, I guarantee you he'll use the arsenal."

Right on target, huh? President Bush has been saying this. Tony Blair has been saying this. And Bill Clinton said this in 1998.

Also, Charles Krauthammer has an excellent column on how we shouldn't be going through this charade at the U.N. at all and details how we should deal with France, the U.N. and NATO in the future. He's right on, as far as I'm concerned. On a similar note, World Net Daily has a piece on how, by going to the U.N., the U.S. may be forfeiting some sovereignty. Interesting take, but I think that going to the U.N. has served two purposes:

1) Knowing that the bureaucrats at the U.N. wouldn't be able to do anything expeditiously, the U.S. looked at the time it would take to follow all of the diplomatic protocols as time to build up the forces in the Persian Gulf region. I have a little knowledge in this area, especially in America's Sealift capability, and it takes time to move troops and material. It doesn't all get flown over on airplanes, folks. Most of it arrives via ship, and the U.S. doesn't have anywhere near the Sealift capacity it should. That coupled with the possibility that the military needed to acquire more munitions (bombs, Tomahawks, etc.) after Afghanistan and the draw down of the Clinton Administration, and you can see that the military needed time. Going to the U.N. allowed us to ratchet up the pressure while building our forces in case, as expected, Saddam Hussein continued to play his games.
2) I think, and it has been reported that Colin Powell has said as much, that the U.S. wanted to give the U.N. a last chance to prove it's relevance. It's not looking good right now. Should this charade continue, the 2nd (18th) resolution recently proposed by the U.S. and U.K. won't even be voted on and we, along with our coalition of the willing, will go to war. The U.N. and NATO, the old versions at least, will be rendered obsolete. Again, refer to the Charles Krauthammer piece for what I think things should look like in the future.

By showing the U.N. for what it really is, a bunch of ineffective anti-American's who would rather limit the power of the U.S. than deal with real threats to world peace, we would stop valuing "world approval" as it pertains to our policies regarding the safety of our own sovereign nation and we would reassert that our own interests are paramount. And when those interests concern not only for our own national safety but also concern the pursuit and removal of genuine threats to world peace, it's up to the rest of the world if they are with us, or not.
The Providence Journal has started and On-Line Memorial for victims of The Station fire. As each person's name becomes available, a short bio as well for them will be posted. A guestbook is also available. I will probably move this over to the permanent links section, but for now, simply go here.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

This morning brought the sad news that Mr. Rogers had died. Like millions of others, I grew up hoping I could be his neighbor and feeding his fish and taking trips with Trolly to the Land of Make Believe. I can't help but feel that another part of our innocence has passed along with Mr. Rogers. Moriarty at Ain't It Cool News agrees. May he rest in peace.

In other news, it appears the children of some Maine National Guard personel are being taunted by teachers according to the Washington Times. Is that really a surprise? Also, more concerning the NBC Civil War alluded to yesterday is revealed on the DRUDGE REPORT today. It appears that the mystery actor was former Republican Senator Fred Thompson. Go get 'em Fred. It's like having your grand Pappy going after some pinko-commies, isn't it? For more info on the war time blather of YOUR favorite celeb, visit this Hollywood Idiots web site. Finally, the infamous Janeane Garofalo admitted this weekend that "it wasn't hip" to protest all of the military actions made by "their" President, Bubba.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

An interesting side show to all of the Iraq stuff is watching the usual Hollywood suspects. Interestingly enough, though, the Media Research Center has details concerning how Dennis Miller continues to sway to the right as evidenced by comments made on The Tonight Show last night. Also, I heard Rush Limbaugh mention something about a "Star" of the NBC show Law & Order making a rebuttal commercial to one made earlier by "President" Martin Sheenstevez. Does this mean CIVIL WAR at the Peacock?
I have travelled abroad extensively and have run into a lot of what was written about by Jay Nordlinger.'s not anything new!

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Amusement time: I love Bill Simmons (aka The Sports Guy) He used to write regularly for ESPN's Page 2, but now, since he's a full time writer for the Jimmy Kimmel Show, he only contributes periodically. Anyway, his take on the Grammy's is funny. He's seriously jonesing for Norah. The money quote is "By the way, the Dixie Chicks are fascinating -- none of them are overwhelmingly cute, but all of them keep your interest, give you different looks and keep you guessing. It's the same dynamic that worked so well for Blair and Jo on "The Facts of Life" -- you weren't bowled over by them, but you also weren't ready to write them off, either. All right, I'm babbling."

Too funny!
DRUDGE REPORT just broke that ol' Phil Donawho? has been let go. What a surprise....
National Review has a couple more columns on how America is viewed in the world. The first, by Richard Miniter may provide a little encouragement regarding Conservative, free-market types in Europe, while the second is byDavid Frum about the differing views within Canada.
After playing around with this blog for a few days, I've decided it's a worthwhile pursuit. As such, I decided to move it off of the site and onto my own personal web space. This will allow me to be a bit more flexible in content and gives me more room to work. At some point, I'll probably remove the old site from, but we'll keep it up for a bit. Stay tuned!
Today we start with the Washington Post's take on the new 2nd (or 18th!) U.N. resolution being tabled by the U.S., Britain and Spain. My take on this is that, essentially, the game is over for France. Their only real power is derived from their seat on the Security Council. If the Security Council continues to maintain this farce and not live up to the "serious consequences" alluded to in this and previous resolutions they will be rendered impotent (even more than they are) when the U.S. and the coalition of the willing wages a successful war against Iraq. The risks are there for Bush and, more significantly, for Tony Blair. However, for Bush, as soon as the U.S. goes in and wins, any negatives on the domestic front from not having the U.N. will be outweighed by victory and on the international front....well, couldn't get much worse, anyway, could it? It's a little tougher for Blair, but should the war on Iraq go successfully, and the predicted human rights violations are uncovered, not to mention all of the weapons "Made In France", then he will probably make out ok. Meanwhile, the last vestiges of France's power, a veto on the U.N. Security Council will have been erased. Bush will have shown, and set a precedent, that it is no longer necessary, and may indeed be harmful, to entangle the U.S.'s foreign policy and safety in the bureaucracy of the U.N. By going through the process of U.N. legitimization, he will have rendered that very process obsolete. It's in our own interest to do what our leaders, elected by us, think is best for our own sovereign nation. We are a country of action. We mean what we say. We strive for an outcome, not for procedure. The U.N. seems to savor the reverse.

Monday, February 24, 2003

Great article by Wesley J. Smith on Diplomacy on National Review Online today. Kinda sounds like a Mars/Venus problem, huh? "Old Europe" and the U.S. said the same thing in U.N. 1441, but didn't mean it the same way. Check it out.
Well, the weekend is over and The Station nightclub fire is being covered 24/7 by the media. Questions as to fault abound. Another body was found yesterday, putting the toll at 97. The first of many memorial services began yesterday. FYI, here is a partial list of victims and some of their profiles. I will continue to remark upon the tragedy as I see fit. For now, though, my eyes turn to Iraq.....

Today, I'll start with a column by George Will about European anti-Americanism. As usual, many valid points, but the best is: "Today's demonstrators against a war to disarm Iraq can hardly be explained by fear for their safety, or by sympathy for Saddam Hussein's fascism. The London demonstration -- 1 million strong, much the largest in British history -- was not as large as the death toll from the war Saddam Hussein launched against Iran. The demonstrators simultaneously express respect for the U.N.'s resolutions and loathing for America, the only nation that can enforce the resolutions. This moral infantilism -- willing an end while opposing the only means to that end -- reveals that the demonstrators believe the means are more objectionable than the end is desirable." How true. Andrew Sullivan's great web site pointed to an article in the Telegraph about the outrage the BBC is incurring for extremely slanted reporting on the potential war in Iraq. Elsewhere, Peggy Noonan has a cogent piece comparing the role Eisenhower played to JFK during the Bay of Pigs fiasco to the roles currently being played by Bubba and PeanutHead. The ToeSucker has a piece regarding the future of Liberal Credibility. Similarly, Howard Fineman has a piece in Newsweek about how the Liberal wing of the Democratic party is trying push it towards a Peace platform for the 2004 Presidential election.

Friday, February 21, 2003

The Governor will hold another press conference at 5 PM. It has been reported by the AP that all of the bodies have been removed from the ruins. I'm going to sign off for now. It's been a long day. God bless everyone who has been affected by this terrible tragedy.
WTOS's Chris Rush, a Bangor radio station that sponsored Great White's appearance at Russell's in Bangor, spoke to WHJJ. 200 people at venue. Rush introduced the band. A small display of pyrotechnics was used. Rush stated that Jack Russell of Great White had told him to watch for some pyrotechnics in a pre-show phoner. Thought that the club owner of Russell's may have been negotiating with Great White over the use of the pyrotechnics.
In Bangor, ME this past Tuesday night, Great White used pyrotechnics according to witnesses at that show at Russell's. No permit was on file with local authorities. One of the band members gave or showed the sound man at the club a sample of the pyrotechnics used. As reported on WHJJ.
The latest official numbers from The Station night club fire:
86 Dead, with more predicted
187 people treated at area hospitals
of those, 81 were admitted
of these 81, 10 were transferred to Massachusett's hospitals
of the remaining 71, 25 are in critical condition
The identification of bodies has just begun.

There are questions as to the ages of some of the people, with reports of teenagers being on site. Russell's, a club in Bangor, Maine, is being investigated as to whether Great White used pyrotechnics in a show there 2 days ago.
The count is now 85 dead, surpassing the most recent tragedy of this sort, the burning of the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco, TX.
The owners of the Station released a statement saying they were never told about the use of pyrotechnics, Great White's lead singer, Jack Russell has stated they were verbally notified and gave the ok. The owner of the famous Stone Pony in NJ has stated that Great White used pyrotechnics at a show at the establishment last week without previously notifying the management. I believe he stated that he and the staff at the Stone Pony would be having a presser at 3 pm EST.
The count is now 75 dead at the fire at the Station night club in West Warwick.
According to WHJJ, the death toll is now 54 (and may go as high as 60) while there are 164 injured, scattered among hospitals throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts. There are approximately 30 in critical condition. Some of the dead include the guitar player for Great White, according to the band's lead singer Jack Russell, and a local disc jockey, known as the Doctor is also presumed dead. The main point of controversy seems to be the question of whether proper permitting for pyrotechnics was done. The State Fire Marshall has no record of issuing a permit.
A local talk show host, John Dipetro, has reported that officials have told him that the death toll is now closer to 50 and that there may be more to come. A large crane is being moved in to remove some debris that has been hindering recovery efforts.
I had originally intended to introduce the primary mission of this blog, but that will have to wait. For now, national attention is being focused on Rhode Island as a result of the tragic fire at The Station night club in West Warwick. The death toll currently stands at 39. The 80's band Great White was playing at the club and a pyrotechnic display went tragically wrong. Here's the video shot by a local news cameraman. Ironically enough, he was on sight to get reaction regarding the recent night club stamped incident in Chicago. One can't help but think of the old saying; "Everything happens in 3's." My prayers go to the families. God bless those poor people.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Egads! It works! Much more to follow, starting tomorrow, my friends. Be patient.
Well, I finally did it and started my own narcissistic "blog". We'll see how this goes. I have done 3-4 web sites in my life and have generally found my interest to be in creating the site, not in maintaining it. Hopefully, this format will be more stimulating for me as I will be able to show you, the "avid" reader (if you should ever exist) the vast panoply of interests that get my synapses firing. So, without further adieu, let's blog, shall we....