Friday, November 05, 2004

A wee bit of a roundup

Bill at INDC Journal is having some fun with math and has shown how Herbert Hoover can rest easy, despite Sen. Kerry's campaign assertions regarding President Bush's economic policies.

The Diplomad is a group blog by a collection of Republican State Department employees who regale with tales of panic and dismay among their left-leaning colleagues. Worth the read (via Instapundit).

Much post-election analysis is going on with different focus by different folks. Howie Kurtz on the media, Glenn Reynolds on "new media", Bill Bennett on values, and finally Jane Smiley gives a screeching liberal reaction (countered by many, such as Roger Simon and James Lileks).

By the way, it seems like the President's 3% margin of victory in the popular vote has now gone to 5%, according to USA today. Is that enough for a mandate my liberal friends?

Finally, I didn't miss the juvenile move by Sen. Chafee. I'm past being surprised by this man.
Sen. Lincoln Chafee made good on his pledge yesterday: As a form of "symbolic protest," he cast a write-in ballot for former President George H.W. Bush instead of voting for his son, President George W. Bush. He also did not rule out the prospect of changing parties if the incumbent president is reelected.

Please, Senator, do us a favor and go right ahead. I hear Cranston Mayor Steve Laffey has an eye on your seat. He actually IS a Republican.

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