Monday, May 24, 2004

Justin Katz on the Gatekeeper/Watchmaker God

Justin Katz has eloquently amplified my previous point about how our Deist Founding Fathers never intended the modern interpretation of 'separation of church and state.' (Read the original for more details). As Justin elaborated:
" has seemed to me that secularists cut out the half of the American deists' beliefs that is more directly relevant to our society today. Whatever their beliefs about God's involvement in this world, they largely seemed to believe in judgment and in soul, from whence derived morality and the presumption of an ethical foundation on which to place freedom.

In a sense, God was not just a watch maker, but also a gatekeeper. What modern secularists have done is to add to the idea that God doesn't meddle in our affairs the completely distinct and insidious notion that He doesn't care what we do."

While I'm not sure the notion is as fully formed in the minds of many of those who are more secular in their philosophy of life, a large number of them do seem to believe so. As such, they essentially pay lip service to God and religion. They acknowledge a higher power, but choose to approach the Bible and other religious works "a la carte", picking what they want or can reconcile with their own more earthly concerns, be they due to personal history, preference or politics. This goes hand in hand with a lessening of the authoritative moral power of God and, as Justin so cogently pointed out, has led to summary dismisal of potential consequences for less-than-moral acts.

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