Tuesday, May 25, 2004

In God, and the GOP, They Trust

David Klinghoffer's piece in the LA Times today may provide further insight into something Justin Katz and I have been lightly going on about. He outlines how the more religious tend to be Republican and how a belief in God goes hand and hand with a sense of individual responsibility. On the other hand, those who don't attend church are overwhelmingly Liberal/Democrat and tend to believe in a government-knows-best attitude:
"Generally speaking, liberalism distrusts the individual, while conservatism trusts him enough to give him a chance to make the right, or the wrong, decision. If he makes the wrong one, he will have to answer to his own conscience, or to his God.

Looked at this way, it becomes apparent why religious Americans gravitate to conservatism. By far the majority of them are Christians and their biblical religion is premised on the idea of individual moral responsibility. Traditionally, religious faith presumes that God commands us to act in certain ways, which in turn presumes moral freedom. Otherwise, how could God hold us responsible if we refuse to obey?"

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