Friday, May 14, 2004

The Berg Video

I found the Nick Berg video, downloaded it, but then deleted it after some thought. Some things don't need to be seen. However, if you feel the need, instapundit can get you there in a roundabout way. You just have to be a good ferret. I feel I don't need to see it to "get it." I get it, I think most do. I think it should be made available, but I also think not wanting to see it (especially if you're able to contextualize "prison photos" compared to "barbaric murder") speaks to a certain level of civility and ability to conceptualize without having to visualize, so to speak. I also don't begrudge those who have watched it. I just urge all to do some real soul searching as to personal motivation for seeing the images before doing so. Are your reasons altruistic or do you feel you need a wake up call? Or are you skirting along the razor's edge of a form of sadistic voyeurism? Each person will have to decide for themselves. I chose peace of mind fortified by textual, not graphical, knowledge. I know our cause is just and that Al-Queda are barbarians, I don't need to go to the videotape to be convinced.

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