Thursday, June 26, 2003

Looks like Governor Carcieri has hit a nerve as the Rhode Island House leaders chafe at the governor's criticism that they are unduly influenced by labor unions. Truth hurts, huh? Carcieri has positioned himself as the "People's Lobbyist" and has taken to wearing the red badge of a lobbyist that all wear on Smith Hill. Clever. Here's an example of the tired pandering that Carcieri is facing (from todays ProJo):

"You know who really has the undue influence in this budget? It's the schoolteacher that's in a Providence classroom that's dealing with a classroom where 65 percent of that classroom is not speaking English. It's the firemen that have to go and save somebody from a burning building. That is the influence on our community," said House Deputy Finance Chairman Steven M. Costantino, D-Providence.

Mr. Costantino, spare us. Or, let's let the Guv have his say (again from the ProJo):

As he has argued before, Carcieri said compensation packages for state and municipal employees, including teachers, "bear no relation to what's happening in the real world today."

"This kind of pension benefit and other benefit costs is what brought Cranston to the brink of bankruptcy, it's threatening right now to bring Providence to the brink," he said. "And by the way, if we don't start doing something now, it's going to take the state to the brink."

The biggest check this Governor wants to send to the Legislature is the Reality Check.


On the Iraq front, It may not be the smoking gun, but it sure looks like it's getting hot! Maybe it's not the weapons, but plans and other findings, both official and unofficial, seem to be coming up, finally.


The Supreme Court has a few final decisions today and many are waiting with anticipation. Will one retire? Two? We shall see.


I confess: I'll be checking in on Spike TV to see how it is. I am in the target demographic, after all.


Finally, it looks like the "new" Blogger is being implemented as we speak. Error windows pop up and I can't seem to use the "Blog This!" feature. Oh well, a few growing pains I guess.

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