Monday, June 09, 2003

Last week, I was heartened by the apparent progress in the peace process as exhibited by the meetings in Aqaba, Jordan (where I spent 3 lovely weeks back in my sailing days, incidentally). Yet, apparently progress to the degree I had believed has not been accomplished. First, a column by Max Abrahms on Mideast on National Review Online details the Roadmap for Peace while Charles Krauthammer, in a "Shades of Oslo" column certainly throws cold water on the whole week of meetings between the President and mideast leaders. Nonetheless, we must remember that we have a President who will stick with it and will not suffer dissemblers. If the Arab world thinks they can try to double-talk their way into the virtual elimination of Israel, I think THEY had better think again. Mr. Bush understands loyalty, honesty and strength and how to deal with those who don't abide by the same code. Just ask Saddam and the Taliban.

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