Wednesday, June 22, 2005

It's not as bad as you think...

A little local to start: we've been promised that the city sewer project would be reaching my section of Conimicut in Warwick ever since we moved here. Now, it seems like they're finally here...but wait! It appears as if some legitimate archeological remains have been found. Ah well, another delay. At least its for a legit reason and not because of the normal and expected bureaucratic snafu.

When it comes to Iraq, Norman Geras thinks that we should realize there is a difference "between mistakes and avoidable mistakes, or mistakes and culpable mistakes."

Powerline interviews someone who actually served at Gitmo.

While many are offering advice to President Bush on how to buck up the American people regarding Iraq, Glenn Reynolds sees subtle signs that things are getting better. Like the fact that their fighting amongst themselves. He also notes that, "You'd think that the strategy of overthrowing dictators and encouraging democracy as a way of defeating terrorism would draw support from the left, since it's consistent with the "root causes" talk we heard right after 9/11. But you'd be wrong, and for one simple reason: Bush is doing it." Indeed.

The Wall Street Journal: "Cheer Up Conservatives! You're still winning"

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