Wednesday, February 02, 2005

"Indoctrination into Inadequacy" by Bill Felkner

Bill Felkner, a Rhode Island College grad student who has been battling the liberal ideologues in his Social Work program at the "school", has a column at that should be of interest to all Rhode Island tax payers and voters. I recommend reading the entire piece. Here is a snippet of what Bill faces every day
“Cuba has a better health care system than America” is a topic of the day in my classes. Bush Lies is required reading. Political campaigning in class for leftist agendas and lessons in leftwing history are a pervasive presence. Don’t misunderstand; I have had good professors at the college itself, but in the School of Social Work (SSW), even the good ones practice political indoctrination. As one faculty member put it, “the SSW is not committed to balanced presentations, nor should we be. We are not a debating society.”
Read it.

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