Monday, January 10, 2005

Change in blogging "style"

Due to a pinched nerve and herniated disc, I've decided that I will simply have to reduce the amount of long, original posts here at OSB. Instead, I will be doing more "pointing and quoting" for a while. Any longer posts will be reserved for Anchor Rising, to which I will link. It's not that I can't type with my left hand, it's just that too much results in an increase in the ever-present shooting pain that is radiating from my neck to my left index finger and at various points in between. With two blogs, an MA to revise and two classes coming up, something has to give. For now, it will have to be the more "personal" of my interests. Thankfully, at Anchor Rising I am but 1 of 4, so the quality of the blog won't be compromised. Besides, a diminishing of my sometimes lenghthy posting at AR may actually be welcome.

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