Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Example of the "subtelty" of liberal bias in the media

Over at The Corner, contributor Tim Graham provides a short and to-the-point example of the subtelty of liberal bias:
One of the first things you notice about liberal media bias is how conservatives are defined by their "antis." Since to liberals, conservatives are "foes" and "opponents," they rarely surface in the liberal news outlets as "pro"-anything. (I'm sure it pleases liberals to always place their enemies into a pose of crochety negativism.)

For one small example, the front page of today's Washington Post carries a perfectly fine story profiling an anti-Bush lefty and a pro-Bush righty coming to Washington for different reasons. But notice who gets their anti- upped in the front page captions.

"Protesting: Jon Bjornstad, 55, is a vegetarian pacifist and a software engineer. He had lived in a commune."

"Celebrating: Anna Bryson, 60, is a businesswoman, an antiabortion Catholic, and a foe of same-sex marriage."

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