Thursday, December 09, 2004

Forecasting Sen. Clinton's Run

Peggy Noonan, who quite literally wrote the book on Hillary Clinton, has offered a preview of the political manuevering the junior Senator from New York will be doing to position herself for a Presidential run in 2008. The piece is worth reading, but a tangential anecdote offered up by Ms. Noonan provides yet one more example of the cold political calculation of the Clintons.
Always remember what Bill Clinton did after he lost re-election to the governorship in 1980. He joined the choir in the only local church whose services were broadcast on television throughout Arkansas every Sunday morning. You could turn in every Sunday and see him in his robe, with his music book, singing spirituals.
I'm not sure why this struck me so, but it really does add to the sense that, for the Clintons, everything is about politics, doesn't it?

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