Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Hey, Some Recognition!

I'd like to thank Dave Talan whose Rhode Island Republican Update email mentioned The Ocean State Blogger among the few conservative blogs generated here in Rhode Island. To crib from the email
A relatively new occurrence on the internet is the large number of Web Logs (better known as BLOGS). These are basically bulletin boards created by an individual user, where people with similar opinions can post articles or opinions, and anyone can read them. We have been made aware of 2 well-organized blogs in Rhode Island for conservative Republicans.
I guess when taken in the context of the entire history of mass media, Blogs are indeed "relatively new." The two well-organized blogs he mentions are that of Chuck Nevola (The Senescent Man, which I finally added to my blogroll) and Anchor Rising, to which I contribute along with Justin Katz, Andrew Morse and Don Hawthorne.

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