Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Tom Curran's latest Patriots column has the following:

"The Patriots are closers. They're 21-0 since 2001 when leading after three quarters. They are 3-13 when trailing, which shows they come back once in a while. They are an astounding 6-0 when tied after four quarters, including the Snow Bowl win. They are 11-6 when the final margin is seven points or less. And they're 6-1 when the margin in three points or less. Lastly, they're 18-1 since '01 when leading at halftime, 5-10 when trailing, 3-3 when tied."

The above stats could dramatically alter the way I watch Pats games now. Knowing all of this, if they are leading a game at the half, I have to feel REALLY good, right?

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