Sunday, May 22, 2005

Negative Impressions of the U.S. Fostered by U.S. Media Abroad

The next time you wonder why people in Europe and other countries hate us and can't understand how most Americans are too naive or "dumb" to see the "lies", take this story into account. It would seem that Newsweek (yes, again, but this was before the latest fiasco) in one particular week in February had a cover photo of a U.S. flag in a trash can captioned "The day America died," but only in Japan. Inside was a cover story titled "Dream on, America" Andrew Moravcsik taken from the general international addition. However, the Japanese version was called "America, the dream country, is rotting away". Again, this was only in Japan. Meanwhile, the cover story in the U.S. was about...the Oscars.

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