Friday, March 12, 2004

State interferes with Cranston (and a couple unrelated things)

I had given a more substantial treatment to the ridiculous actions of the State Legislature involving themselves in the local issues of the City of Cranston, but Blogger is having problems and I lost my post. In a nutshell, the City Council approved having this independent report created, the Mayor, Steven Laffey favored it, the recommendations have been made, but neither the Council nor the Mayor have completed reading the report much less committed ot following through with all of its recommendations.

Regardless, the State Representatives of Cranston, all Democrats, brought a resolution to the House floor to oppose cutting any firefighter jobs as a result of the findings of the report. They implied that such cuts were being proposed by the City, particularly the Mayor, when it was not the case. In fact, as I already mentioned, no debate over the report has taken place, though it is on the calendar, according to Cranston's Mayor Steven Laffey, who was on Dan Yorke's radio show yesterday afternoon. In other words, the Cranston Democrat legislators put the cart before the horse and asked their Democrat colleagues in the House to pass a resolution to pressure Laffey into refraining from cutting firefighting jobs. These legislators made no mention of the reports similar recommendations concerning the Cranston Police force. Interestingly, the Mayor and the firefighter's union are in the middle of a contract dispute. Coincidence?

Predictably, the resolution passed, though it was eloquently defened by the few Republicans (such as Warwick Rep. Joseph Trillo) in the House. This blatant political ploy is unconscienable, yet not surprising. Is this the same governmental body that we want to oversee a statewide property tax for education?

On to other things...

First, I wrote a few days ago about the misuse of history by RI Superior Court Judge Stephen J. Fortunato. Apparently, the Judge has a certain bias from which he approaches the Church/State issue. What a surprise.

Justin Katz continues his watchdog role on Andrew Sullivan.

Today's ProJo has a hopeful piece by Robert Holland, Now there's competition in teacher certification. Competition is good, and it also will enable potential career switchers, such as myself, to make said switch a bit easier.

Lee Harris at Tech Central Station reminds us that academics must remember to laugh and puts forth Socrates as an example.

Victor Davis Hanson attempts, yet again to put to rest the Left's Iraq deceptions.

Finally, I had no idea that one of the Ramones was a Republican!

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