Friday, September 05, 2003

John Podhoretz has a more reasoned take on the Bush spending "problem." Best part of his statement:

"Now, Bush has not fought to control the size of government. His concern has been to do what he can to help the economy grow even as he tries to fight a War on Terror.

That's why he has staked his presidency on a tax-cutting program that has genuinely convinced liberals and leftists that he wants to use tax cuts to force the destruction of big government.

The most important task facing Bush is the War on Terror, and he doesn't want to fight on all fronts at all times.

In any case, politicians only take up the war on big government when it's politically expedient. Neither Ronald Reagan nor the Gingrich Republicans actually cut the size of government. At times, they spent like sailors on shore leave. At the end of the day, they were politicians, not ideological warriors.

The philosophical problem of big government is not really a politician's fundamental issue. Rather, it's a matter for op-ed pages and in magazines, in books and on radio programs like Limbaugh's."

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