Friday, May 30, 2008

"It Takes a Family to Raise a Village"

Jennifer Roback Morse:
It takes a family to raise a village. Without the family, the village itself can not function. If the family breaks down, or fails to form in the first place, the “village” can not possibly provide adequate help to repair the damage. In any good society, the government must do what only the government can do: keep order internally and externally, enforce agreements and defend property rights. The market must do what only the market can do: create wealth and provide employment by combining goods and services that satisfy consumers. But only the family can create the next generation of human beings who will become citizens and consumers.

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RhodeIslandEstateSales said...

I enjoyed your observations. All those reporters who participated in the "coronation" of Obama have overlooked the fact that he is a Utopian socialist. John Lennon would have voted for him. I honestly think that he will work his butt off for the betterment of the country and he should make a lot of things better but years from now we will have to contend with the governments control of most aspects of our life.