Thursday, March 16, 2006

Me and the Sci Fi Channel

Now that my studies are done and it's all over but getting the degree, I've enjoyed reacquanting myself with the SciFi Channel. Now, I never totally left it, the ressurection of Battlestar Galactica successfully played on my nostalgia for the classic series of my boyhood and got me hooked with it's excellent writing and plot. And then I got TiVo. Since then, I've been able to record those shows I regrettably missed. (For instance, I'm way late to the Firefly phenomenom, but agree that it's a good show and Andromeda is also pretty good....but by the same token, I can't get into the 57 varieties of Stargate that are out there). And now I see that SciFi is resurrecting another favorite from my youth: Dr. Who. I remember watching the good Doctor on my local PBS affiliate on Saturday afternoons. It was weird and had bad special effects, but it had that dry Brit "humour" and, heck, it was science fiction and there just wasn't much of that on the tube in those days. Finally, SciFi has been promoting the heck out of something called Dark Kingdom. Guess what? It appears from the promo that it is at least tangentially related to my Master's thesis topic. I'll just have to watch to find out.


Diane said...

So what's your Master's thesis about? Anything to do with the Nibelungenlied?

Marc said...

Actually, it's about the early medieval Burgundians from their first mention in some of the Roman works to the fall of their kingdom c. 530 AD. I touched on the Nibelungenlied and tied it to the older myths and traditions. Mostly, I tried to show that it was a conflation of a bunch of different stories and while some of the names and places were indeed historic, the aesthetics were contemporaneous to when it was written (c.1100-1200).