Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Iran is in Iraq

It seems that the British have been fighting Iranian supplied "insurgents" in southeastern Iraq. The reason given is that Iran is increasingly frustrated by the current European Union driven nuclear talks.
British officials are convinced that Iran is implicated in the upsurge in violence and suspect it may be connected to Britain’s hardening position against Tehran’s nuclear programme. Britain has been working closely with Iran over the past two years to reach a compromise. But with the victory last month of the hawkish President Ahmadinejad, Iran has hardened its position.

Britain is now actively lobbying to have Tehran referred to the UN Security Council, where it could face sanctions.

Iran’s policy in Iraq is co-ordinated by the Supreme National Security Council — the body responsible for running its atomic industry. “The Iranians are careful not to be caught,” a British official said. “But they like to stoke up the temperature in Iraq when it suits them.”
Hm. Does this mean that the fact that negotiations exist doesn't guarantee that both parties will deal openly? That the diplomatic process, in and of itself, doesn't guarantee success? Wow, whoda thunk?

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