Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Here we go again...Sox/Yanks, ALCS, part deux

I got my first revision of my MA Thesis done in time to "enjoy" this week of baseball. Thinking along those lines, I've been reading the pre-game hype articles and ran across this column about Game 2 of the Angels/Sox Divsion Series from Bill Simmons, a great sports writer on ESPN Page 2. He closed with this correct summation of Red Sox fans, the curse, etc.
One of my ESPN bosses pulled the "This is the year" routine with me on the phone this morning, then asked what would happen to me (and every Red Sox fan) if we won the World Series. You know, the whole "Wouldn't you lose your identity?" thing. I've gotten this from time to time over the years, and I always thought it was so ludicrous that it didn't even warrant its own column. But since people keep bringing it up, I'll explain it to you once and for all:

Red Sox fans don't define themselves by the fact that the team hasn't won the World Series since World War I. We're defined by the fact that the team hasn't won the World Series since World War I. There's a difference. We hate hearing about the (rhymes with 'schmurse'), we bristle at every '19*8' reference ... we just want to reach a point where nobody brings this stuff up anymore. It amazes me how many people don't understand that. All we ever wanted was to be 'Just Another Team That Won the World Series Recently.'

That's it, that's all we want, and since many of us are also Pats fans, we have tasted winning it all recently and can only imagine the joy if our beloved "Sawx" manage to win it all. That doesn't mean we'll be content and never follow them again, it just means that we will finally not have to hear about 19-f*****g-18 from pretentious Yankees fans, and others, again. In the words of Simmons, "Nine wins to go. And that's that."

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