Saturday, September 11, 2004

Sullivan and the Docs

Well, it seems the CBS wall of credibility has become a ditch, now that one of it's key witnesses claims they duped him. It should be only a matter of time before the mea culpa, but will it come? I have doubts. Additionally, to tie in with a tangential issue, I have been tracking Andrew Sullivan's less than excited coverage of the story. (No posts today) Sullivan, once in the vanguard of those who championed the cause of blogs as an antidote for the malaise of the regular media, has approached the whole controversy with a near-jaundiced eye. While he is correct in the lunacy of arguing over 35 year old events, the real story is the revelation of the essentially corrupt organ once known as CBS news and how the blogosphere brought it down. I seem to recall Sullivan being well-nigh gleeful when things like this used to happen. Why not now? I really couldn't even presume to guess.

I'm not the only one who has nearly given up on Sullivan in fact, many already have. I guess what bothered me, even more than his belief that the docs were "devastating to Bush" (though he attempted to clarify this), was his initial lukewarm response to the belief they may be fake and his decision to take the tack that "The blogs prove one thing, though. If these documents are legit, they are devastating to Bush. " I found that kind of ...odd. He has since congratulated the blogosphere, though he still gave time to the feeble Kerry spinners out there.

In the old days, Sullivan would have been all over the story, making contacts and digging for more. On this, when it was obvious that there was a chance that a major media outlet had been dealing in fake docs and the internet was exposing it...he sort of passed it along with an overtly dismissive attitude. He has been silent since Friday, so we will have to wait and see if he warms to the cause. If not, it would appear that the Knights of the Blogosphere have lost one of their original members...the Gay Blade will have lost his edge.

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