Monday, September 13, 2004

It's Official - Rathergate

The CBS Document fiasco has become identified as Rathergate, and has spawned its own domain. Some have moved on past proving the case and are digging for the forger or source. Meanwhile, Andrew Sullivan has come through (second item) and has acknowledged the success of the blogosphere in a sufficient manner, as far as I'm concerned. However, he still seems to be holding out hope that something can be made of the Guard story, despite his call for bloggers to investigate the "occupation" in Iraq. What is remarkable to me is that he relies on the New York Times and the London Guardian, two papers he regularly pillories in other areas, for his information on the war in Iraq. He does occasionally point to blogs by those "in country," but while he used to do it when they reported good news, it seems that, while they continue to report good things, he has linked to them less and less, or only when they occasionally mention a negative. (Here and Here are two of the first and best Iraqi Blogs, with links to many others). While he at least acknowledges that Iraq is no Vietnam, it's a "mess" not a "disaster," his shrillness has elevated as far as I can tell. I agree that mistakes have been made, but this is all part of "nation building." (Though many historians laugh at comparisons between Iraq and post World War II Germany, others have attempted to draw parallels. Perhaps both groups are focusing on the trees rather than the forest. While the specifics are indeed inevitably different, the thing to keep in mind is that rebuilding a nation just conquered by those who conquered it is very hard to do. Perhaps Korea is a better example, anyway.) In essence, Sullivan has entered a state where he harangues Bush for long stretches, with periodic lapses into reason, or perhaps more accurately, a willingness to put things in perspective. Unfortunately, the amount of time spent haranguing is getting longer while the momentary lapses into reason are become less frequent. As such, I bid him farewell. (Yes, his link has been removed).

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