Monday, September 13, 2004

90% at Princeton University donate to liberal causes

Am I surprised by this? Of course not, but it struck me as particularly haughty when computer science professor Andrew Appel stated:
'Does it surprise me that smart people should be supporting Kerry?' Appel said. 'No.'
That kind of sanctimonious, priggish attitude is precisely why people long ago stopped listening to the preponderance of blather emanating from the professorial class. For many, college courses are something to be endured, not embraced, much less swallowed whole. While some do indeed fall under the liberal sway and become fully indoctrinated, I think many, if not more, simply keep their mouths shut and "play the game" in the interest of decent grades and making no waves. Fortunately, organizations like Students for Academic Freedom won't let the Ivory Tower crowd get away with overt bias as easily as they have done in the past.

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