Monday, July 19, 2004

While I was away...

Sorry for the unexpected absence, but not all in life can be anticipated, nor welcomed, but we must deal with it the best we can. I'm back now, here's just a couple things I missed.

Victor Davis Hanson had a good piece on war, comparing post D-Day Europe with postwar Iraq. To quote: "War is a horrendous experience in which the side that wins commits the fewest mistakes, rather than no errors at all."

Peggy Noonan has clarified her earlier comment about too many Americans being tired of history, and that Kerry would offer a respite from such weighty times. As she quotes from Margaret Thatcher, "never underestimate people's fears."

It may sound like a joke, but the New York Times has a story on the new, post-Bill Buckley generation of conservatives. It seems that while there are the predictable internal differences in the "movement" over economics, Iraq, the role in government in general, the bigger split may be over conservatism versus libertarianism. In general, it appears as if the young folks are more conservative anyway, regardless of the stripe.

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