Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Victor Davis Hanson Thinks we should pull out of Europe

Tangential to my below post, and something that speaks to the argument that we may not have enough "boots on the ground" in Iraq, is this piece by Victor Davis Hanson on the U.S. Military and Europe on National Review Online. It's a long piece, but its point is that we should do away with all of the entrenched arguments concerning why we need Europe, Bush is bad for our relationship, etc. etc., ad naseum. Instead, Hanson concludes: "We wish to save Europe by leaving it, to strengthen the Atlantic Alliance by altering it, and to encourage maturity and responsibility by ending dependency. Begging miffed Europeans to help in Iraq or Afghanistan in real numbers while tens of thousands of Americans are stationed in Europe is the stuff of fairy tales. The sham should end now, for the well-being of everyone involved." I suppose I may have broken a cardinal blogging rule by giving the conclusion of an above-linked piece. Ah well. I urge you to read it in full.

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