Wednesday, February 04, 2004

In an editorial called "Arming Red China", the Washington Times points out the cozy nature of relations between those "Old Europe" countries that opposed our action in Iraq and Communist China. Scariest portion:

"During Mr. Hu's visit, Monsieur Chirac criticized Taipei for stoking tensions with mainland China. It was overlooked that it is Beijing that has 450 missiles aimed at Taiwan, and not the other way around. It was tacitly acknowledged, however, that the rationale for China's military expansion is to counter American power in the world — a goal that France is now supporting. Both Messers. Hu and Chirac referred to the partnership between their countries as 'strategic,' and the French Foreign Ministry mentioned the leaders' 'convergence of visions' about the need for 'a multi-polar world' in which their nations are not subjected to 'a uni-polar American worldview.'"

Can there be any doubt about the motives of the French? Is this the kind of "International" support that Sen. Kerry et al are criticising the Bush Administration for not courting? Of course, I suppose that the argument would be that because the Bush Administration so badly bungled the diplomacy of Iraq with the French, Chirac felt he had no choice but to turn to China for support against the Imperialist American Regime . . . in so many words.

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