Monday, February 02, 2004

Hey, didn't this happen already? Who cares? The Pats win again! Meanwhile, the national story isn't the great game, instead, it's all about how Janet Jackson's Superbowl flash, which has ticked many people off. For me, it's not about the Boob, it's about the manner in which it was exposed. Clothes ripped off aren't the kind of positive message that needs to be sent. It also seems much of the outrage is over the fact that the halftime show was essentially a talentless display of hacks playing to the lowest, basest instincts. P-Diddy and his bunch was pretty lame, singing about "I wanna take your clothes off" and Kid Rock wearing the flag. Concerning Kid, I don't think he intended to disprespect the flag or nation, I just think he was ignorant of the fact that the American flag is not supposed to used in such a manner. So, to sum up:

1) P-Diddy and crew - Bad, no talent, just looking to shock with gyrating, booty shaking song.
2) Kid Rock - ignorant attempt at patriotism, needs to learn about the flag rules.
3) Janet/Justin - real nice job, showing how a man can always rip the clothes off of a woman to get what he wants.

I'm glad my kids are a little too young to really understand what was going on. If the NFL wanted a quality halftime show, all they had to do was put the acts on that did the pre-game show. Now that was classy, especially Beyonce and the guy who sang the tributed to the Shuttle astronauts.

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