Friday, January 23, 2004

Bush to propose spending freeze says the Washington Times. Let's hope he sticks to this. The only problem I have with the President is his proclivity to spend. Now, this is still far outweighed by his leadership in the War on Terror and his other foreign policies, but it does cause some concern. I'm not sure about Keynsian economics (Boilerplate: in times of economic downturn, deficit spending is ok to spur the economy) as I'm not really an economist and I'm interested in looking closer at the economic theories of Hayek...but that will have to wait while I research the American Enlightenment, The Imperial Wars during the Colonial Era in the U.S., the French and Indian War and even a little bit of Medieval Women's literature. Phew. Meanwhile, only a little more than a week until 38. <-- (You should know what that means.)

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