Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Smoke signals in Charlestown as the RI State Police "take down" the Narragansett "Indians" tax-free, and illegal, smoke shop. Sounds like the natives were looking for trouble to me, plus:

"The Narragansett Indians have refused to cooperate and have chosen instead to flout state law," said Carcieri. "They demanded that in return for closing the smoke shop that I must drop my opposition to a casino."

"That was outrageous," said Carcieri.

You bet it is. These guys have been grandstanding for years and are willing to go to any length to get a casino. Even if it means breaking the law along the way. The usual charges of civil rights violations and living in a police state are being made. Please. More from the article:

"Today's actions were precipitated by the Narragansett Indians and their flagrant violation of state law," said Carcieri, who was flanked by state police Col. Steven Pare and Atty. Gen. Patrick Lynch.

The troopers entered the property under a court-issued search warrant that he ordered be executed, the governor said.

"We do not take today's actions lightly," Carcieri said. "We deliberated long and hard before authorizing today's response."

Lynch supported Carcieri's action, saying the governor had been "remarkably patient" in the face of obvious lawbreaking by the tribe.

Lynch said the tribe's operation of an illegal, tax-free tobacco store was no different than if "Cumberland Farms," the convenience store chain, had decided to sell cigarettes without collecting state and federal taxes.

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