Monday, July 21, 2003

Had a nice day in Boston on Saturday. Saw some of the historical sites along the Freedom Trail, though I missed the USS Constitution as it went to "sea" (actually, just Boston Harbor) to do a change of command ceremony. Just my luck, the ship doesn't move 363 days out of the year and I pick the one day, other than the traditional 4th of July turnaround, that it did. Oh well, good excuse to go back! It was nice walking the city. Saw the North End and South End more than I ever had. I particularly liked the old world feel of the North End. Maybe a dinner there will be in order someday. I recommend the Rock Bottom Brewery in the theater district. Food was good, beer was excellent. Wrapped up the night with a concert at the FleetBoston Pavilion by Big Head Todd and the Monsters and Hootie and the Blowfish. I've been a long time fan of the former; a band you really have to see live to appreciate. Hootie was pretty good too, though I am a bit sick of a lot of their overplayed "hits". They did a good job of covering Zeppelin's "Hey, Hey, What can I do?" though and also did good renditions of Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion" and "Black Water" by the Doobie Brothers. They also did "Will The Circle Remain Unbroken", the classic country tune, pretty faithfully. Notice a pattern? I liked Hootie when they did other people's songs! Oh, they also did "Keep Your Hands To Yourself" by the Georgia Satellites for an encore. Again, pretty good! Anyway, there's nothing like walking around Boston on a mid-summers day, good time all around. Can't wait to go back, maybe even with the kids!

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