Friday, May 16, 2003

Motor mouth Dick Vitale has a take on the ACC/Big East mess, too. And he's right on. Best part:

"School presidents talk so often about academic integrity, graduating athletes, etc. I don't want to hear about it -- it's all about the cash, baby! It's all about the dollars, not the kids.

Sadly, it looks obvious to me: Use the kids, spit them out and make as much money as you can. I get fed up when I hear about it. There are seminars, committees are formed, school presidents talk about graduating players.

If schools want to graduate players, then give student-athletes five years to graduate with four years of eligibility and make freshmen ineligible. Let kids get acclimated to college life. Oh well, that won't happen either. It makes sense, but it won't happen in this day and age.

It breaks my heart to hear about situations like this. I have a passion and love for young people and sports. I enjoy dealing with the kids who compete and the coaches who work so hard.

What bothers me is the excess travel and the time involved when conferences use alignments that don't make sense. It isn't conducive to where the schools are located. Please, don't make these kids travel longer distances because conferences make absurd decisions like this!"

Right on Dickie V!

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