Friday, May 16, 2003

Kevin McNamara piece about the continuing ACC/Big East feud has an interesting angle. What will Notre Dame do? Regardless of what they do with their Independent Football program, which way they lean in a potential Big East split will be the deciding factor in the success of a possible "Catholic East" league made up of St. John's, Providence, Georgetown, Seton Hall, Villanova and other schools, such as Marquette or Xavier, that could be wooed into such a league. If Notre Dame doesn't go with the other Catholic Schools, and probably even if it does, the new "Catholic East" would be a conference on par with the Atlantic 10. Not major but probably the best of the so-called mid-major schools. Regardless, Providence College is a helpless bystander as it watches it's big time conference disintegrate around it. It was PC's Dave Gavitt who got the original Big East basketball conference going. It is former PC administrator Mike Tranghese, who vows a fight, is the current Big East commissioner. A big weekend in Florida lies ahead for the Big East conference. I predict it will not be intact for very long.

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