Thursday, April 10, 2003

Aaaahh yes, Sen. Lincoln Chafee Strikes again. Read this story for the entire Rhode Island delegations latest opinions on the progress of the war. But we concern ourselves with our "Republican Senator from Virginia". I quote:

"Even Sen. Lincoln Chafee, the delegation's sharpest critic of the war and the only Senate Republican to oppose it, expressed satisfaction at 'the ability of our fighting people to engage [the enemy]. The way they performed, I've got to be honest, is really impressive.'

But Chafee expressed skepticism that President Bush would match his pledge for a 'vital' United Nations role in postwar Iraq with the kind of American commitment needed for the U.N. to remain 'a viable entity.' Key Bush administration members 'have been disdainful' of the U.N., Chafee said.

'All over the world, there is a feeling that this was a belligerent incursion,' Chafee said, voicing fear of long-term damage to America's international standing.

'In the short term, it hasn't been good,' Chafee said. 'The Canadians are booing our national anthem at hockey games.'

Under the circumstances, however, Chafee said Mr. Bush is correct to offer the U.N. a role in humanitarian efforts but to withhold any dominant U.N. role in the postwar governance of Iraq."

(Thank you to ProJo's John E. Mulligan for the reporting.)

First, Senator, I'm glad to see that you recognize the brilliance of our military, but you certainly imply that you actually had doubts. Second, you continue to openly doubt the sincerity of our President, a man from YOUR PARTY, nonetheless, who has thus far been proven right in almost every facet of this Iraq crisis. You continue to hang your hat on the proven ineffectiveness of the UN. Your ignorance with regard to the UN as well as your continuing belief that Saddam Hussein with WMD's and terrorist links (remember that terrorist training camp in Norther Iraq?) show that you seem to believe that the world hasn't changed since September, 11, 2001. It has. We can't be Fortress America and wait on UN bureaucrats for resolutions to problems. Argh. It's all been said before. Finally, to base your assessment of our standing in the world on a US hockey team getting booed is plainly sophomoric. That's all I can stomach for now.

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