Monday, February 24, 2003

Well, the weekend is over and The Station nightclub fire is being covered 24/7 by the media. Questions as to fault abound. Another body was found yesterday, putting the toll at 97. The first of many memorial services began yesterday. FYI, here is a partial list of victims and some of their profiles. I will continue to remark upon the tragedy as I see fit. For now, though, my eyes turn to Iraq.....

Today, I'll start with a column by George Will about European anti-Americanism. As usual, many valid points, but the best is: "Today's demonstrators against a war to disarm Iraq can hardly be explained by fear for their safety, or by sympathy for Saddam Hussein's fascism. The London demonstration -- 1 million strong, much the largest in British history -- was not as large as the death toll from the war Saddam Hussein launched against Iran. The demonstrators simultaneously express respect for the U.N.'s resolutions and loathing for America, the only nation that can enforce the resolutions. This moral infantilism -- willing an end while opposing the only means to that end -- reveals that the demonstrators believe the means are more objectionable than the end is desirable." How true. Andrew Sullivan's great web site pointed to an article in the Telegraph about the outrage the BBC is incurring for extremely slanted reporting on the potential war in Iraq. Elsewhere, Peggy Noonan has a cogent piece comparing the role Eisenhower played to JFK during the Bay of Pigs fiasco to the roles currently being played by Bubba and PeanutHead. The ToeSucker has a piece regarding the future of Liberal Credibility. Similarly, Howard Fineman has a piece in Newsweek about how the Liberal wing of the Democratic party is trying push it towards a Peace platform for the 2004 Presidential election.

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