Thursday, February 27, 2003

This morning brought the sad news that Mr. Rogers had died. Like millions of others, I grew up hoping I could be his neighbor and feeding his fish and taking trips with Trolly to the Land of Make Believe. I can't help but feel that another part of our innocence has passed along with Mr. Rogers. Moriarty at Ain't It Cool News agrees. May he rest in peace.

In other news, it appears the children of some Maine National Guard personel are being taunted by teachers according to the Washington Times. Is that really a surprise? Also, more concerning the NBC Civil War alluded to yesterday is revealed on the DRUDGE REPORT today. It appears that the mystery actor was former Republican Senator Fred Thompson. Go get 'em Fred. It's like having your grand Pappy going after some pinko-commies, isn't it? For more info on the war time blather of YOUR favorite celeb, visit this Hollywood Idiots web site. Finally, the infamous Janeane Garofalo admitted this weekend that "it wasn't hip" to protest all of the military actions made by "their" President, Bubba.

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